Best Sellers (Ice Cream)

These best-sellers are a combination of OG flavors and more recent winners. Honeycomb is our best, bestseller. Cookies & Cream isn’t too far behind. Earl Grey Tea is an OG flavor that still ranks high. Mint Chip is a classic, done better by it’s simple ingredient list. And Pistachio, well Pistachio has always been, and will always be not just a top seller, but Ben Van Leeuwen’s pride and joy.


Cookies & Cream

And nothing makes us happier than this Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. Nothing. Not children. Not dogs. Not rainbows. Nothing. Dark chocolate cookies + a rich cream filling + cold-ground vanilla bean ice cream = non-child, non-dog, non-rainbow happiness.


Earl Grey Tea

Nothing makes us happier than this Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream. Hand-harvested Rishi Tea leaves from the tea tree forests in the Yunnan province of China, a little bergamot citrus, your mouth. Teamwork!



Nothing makes us happier than this Honeycomb Ice Cream. Despite being called honeycomb, it's not made from any honey at all. It’s made with caramel candy. That all might seem confusing until you realize that ice cream is also made without ice. Your whole life has been a lie.


Mint Chip

Nothing makes us happier than this Mint Chip Ice Cream. We use single-origin, dark chocolate chips, so you can taste the true flavor profile. We add in a little pure peppermint extract and <chef’s kiss*>.

*With tongue.


Sicilian Pistachio

Nothing makes us happier than this Sicilian Pistachio Ice Cream. Certified by the International Slow Food Institute, these special pistachios are only found on Mount Etna. In Bronte, Italy, to be precise. So they’re renowned for their fragrance and flavor. And their neck scarves.


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