OG Flavors

In 2008, when Van Leeuwen was born out of a yellow truck on the streets of NYC, they served these OG flavors. Simple, but delicious. Refined, but not stuffy. Just the classics, all in one bunch. If you’ve wondered what put Van Leeuwen on the map, these flavors are it.


Earl Grey Tea

Nothing makes us happier than this Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream. Hand-harvested Rishi Tea leaves from the tea tree forests in the Yunnan province of China, a little bergamot citrus, your mouth. Teamwork!


Sicilian Pistachio

Nothing makes us happier than this Sicilian Pistachio Ice Cream. Certified by the International Slow Food Institute, these special pistachios are only found on Mount Etna. In Bronte, Italy, to be precise. So they’re renowned for their fragrance and flavor. And their neck scarves.


Vanilla Bean

Nothing makes us happier than this Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. You know who is not happy though? Vanilla. Seen as “boring.” “Safe.” Or “if beige could yawn it would be vanilla.” Well, no more. We’re bringing out vanilla’s more non-vanilla-ey traits by using Tahitian vanilla beans, cold-ground whole. Don’t screw it up from here, vanilla.



Nothing makes us happier than this Strawberry Ice Cream. Oregon-grown strawberries. Delicately picked at peak ripeness. Then shoved into a dark alley where fresh cream, egg yolks, and pure cane sugar get to work initiating strawberries in to the ice cream gang.



Nothing makes us happier than this Chocolate Ice Cream. With our chocolate’s ultra-high cocoa butter content you get this creamy mousse-like texture. Not to mention an urge to never leave the couch.


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